Sunday, December 21, 2008

School Christmas Program

This is the Minersville school Christmas program. The school is K-8. The theme was "Christmas at the Zoo".
Logan's class were monkeys. Well hippie monkeys to be exact. Each class did a dance and sang a song. The monkeys sang Jingle Bells like monkeys. They only sang the vowels! It was really cute.This is our monkey! The hair is supposed to be dread locks. He ate the ears after the performance. I guess we didn't feed him enough dinner! His vest came apart during the dance but he kept going as if nothing happened. He said that is what his teacher told him to do.

Stumpy the Snowman!

We had a beautiful day after some very snowy ones so I decided to play in the snow with the kids!
I built a snow fort with the boys when Logan got home from school!

Jason started a snowball fight when he got home. Then we built Stumpy the Snowman! The snow didn't pack very well. This is more of a sculture rather than the traditional rolling of the snowballs to make them bigger. It was fun anyway. Mac has since added some color to our snowman and fort!
The boys also had lots of fun making snow angels!


Scout had her last litter of puppies on December 15. She had 8 but we lost 2 the next day. She is a terrible mom. She doesn't take care of herself. Things like eating and drinking water tend to be forgotten and then she doesn't have any milk. We think one puppy had complications from birth because we had some come breach with the sack broken so it may have filled its lungs. Poor Guy. The other one was the runt and got dehydrated from not enough milk. It is scary how fast it can happen. We almost lost 2 more but I found a formula for them and I bottle feed them to help supplement the lack of milk. They have done a lot better. So we have 4 boys and 2 girls.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Turkeys have survived Thanksgiving!

I couldn't believe what I saw this morning when I looked out the front window! The TURKEYS! I was sure they had seen better days but here they are alive and HUGE! Now you may understand Logan's fear of the Turkeys!

Trevor's Birthday

My baby is 5! Yes I know we need more, I'm not sure what the hold up is. I just enjoy what I have been given.
Trevor's friends and brother! I think we need to keep an eye on the little one cozied up to Logan. She is the daughter of my friend who watches Trevor for me. Trevor and her are the same age but she loves Logan!
Yes, we played the pop the balloon game again. They love it!

My attempt at a transformer cake!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The boys thought this was a pretty sunrise and we decided to take some pics. Just thought I'd share! You can see the school in the background. We don't have any neighbors, except for cows! We occasionally get turkeys visiting. Earlier in the summer, I let the dogs out and Mack chased them, but then they chased him because a momma had babies and was protecting them. Well a week ago, Logan came home from school and looked so scared. I asked what was wrong and he threw his arms around my neck and exploded with "I had to get by the turkeys to get home!" If you aren't familiar with the size of turkeys, they are about half his height right now. So they were a little scary. I explained that they won't chase him and now we just try to run them over or make gun sounds when they are invading our yard. They tend to run pretty fast! I'll try to get pictures next time they come to visit!

This is Nala (grey cat) and a kitten from Nala, Oliver. He is so cute. He has orange ears and orange on his tail and he has blue eyes. Nala isn't too thrilled that he stuck around but we liked him so much, he stayed with us. The cats have thought about catching the turkeys a couple times but I think they realized they didn't have a chance!


I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the kids in there costumes! Logan was a wizard and Trevor was Optimus Prime. I will try to get them in the costumes again and take a pic for the blog. I had that Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus so it wasn't a great week for me but we did get our traditional pumpkin pics. Like I said before the camera is just about dead so they aren't great pics. Here is our FHE pumpkin carving night!

A dancing break!

I was making fun of Jason's funny faces he makes when he concentrates! You know what I'm talking about!

Logan, always the goof!

Niki, Jason, Trevor, Logan