Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The boys thought this was a pretty sunrise and we decided to take some pics. Just thought I'd share! You can see the school in the background. We don't have any neighbors, except for cows! We occasionally get turkeys visiting. Earlier in the summer, I let the dogs out and Mack chased them, but then they chased him because a momma had babies and was protecting them. Well a week ago, Logan came home from school and looked so scared. I asked what was wrong and he threw his arms around my neck and exploded with "I had to get by the turkeys to get home!" If you aren't familiar with the size of turkeys, they are about half his height right now. So they were a little scary. I explained that they won't chase him and now we just try to run them over or make gun sounds when they are invading our yard. They tend to run pretty fast! I'll try to get pictures next time they come to visit!

This is Nala (grey cat) and a kitten from Nala, Oliver. He is so cute. He has orange ears and orange on his tail and he has blue eyes. Nala isn't too thrilled that he stuck around but we liked him so much, he stayed with us. The cats have thought about catching the turkeys a couple times but I think they realized they didn't have a chance!


Hunter said...

I want to see turkey-birds please.

Erin said...

Hope you don't mind us peeking at your blog, I saw it on James and Tamra's, I mean Hunter's! I would love to send you an email and some pictures of the kids, and catch up if that's okay. Your kids are so big!!!!