Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My camera isn't working great so I don't have many pics but I'd thought I'd tell you a little about school. Logan is loving school in a small town. He has lots of friends and a small class. He is reading on a 3rd grade level and his favorite subject is Math. He does really well in school. He must take after his dad. It seems to come really easy for him. He gets 100% on all of his spelling tests without a whole lot of studying. He sure makes my job as mom really easy. He hardly ever needs help with homework and after he reads I just check comprehension and unfamiliar words.

Trevor is loving preschool although it is a huge class (25 kids) and I worry about him really learning anything. She is the only one doing it this year though so I didn't have much choice and with me going to school I don't get a lot of time to do it myself. He loves to show me everything he did that day. One day he told me he had a new friend and I asked him what his name was and he said Brown Brody. I was a little confused but happened to have a list of kids in his class and there was a Brody Garcia. I connected the brown as the skin color of the friend. Logan also has a friend named Brody, who was in a few of the birthday pics, and he is very white so Trevor associated his friend as the brown one. It was very cute!

I drive 40 minutes one way to school everyday. It is a long drive but I love the Southern Utah University campus. I am working on education classes now so I only go to one building for all my classes and it is a brand new building with state of the art equipment. I love my classes, they are so much fun! They are more hands on and actually apply to what I am going to be doing so it is worth the drive to class. I had to apply to get into the Education program this semester and I was accepted! After this semester I will have 4 more semesters including my student teaching! There is a light!

Jason is working hard at the farms and has experienced being the boss on a few occasions like; spending the night because they had no power, problem employees, attendance issues, etc. but he still loves what he does.