Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Logan's 7th Birthday

Most of you know we moved to Minersville, Utah at the end of May. We had a very relaxing Summer together and by August we were ready to start the school year. But first, we had Logan's birthday to celebrate. Since it is a new town Logan didn't have many friends yet but Nea, Brandon, Carrae, and Jaxon came for a fun visit.

We rented the town pool for an hour and the kids had fun jumping off the diving board.

The kids were walking in a circle making a whirlpool in the kiddie pool.

As you can see our kids were the only ones that had floaties on. Logan has had swimming lessons but needs to do more so I don't freak out. Oh, who am I kidding I'll still panic with them around water. We will definitely do lessons next summer. This is Jason's attempt at helping Logan swim without the floaties.

After the pool we went back home and the kids found a scavenger hunt waiting.

Next was the water balloon fight and Don't Step on My Balloon game!

Then Logan opened presents and we had dirt cake!

It was a great day and Logan was so happy that he got to see his cousins!